Questions and Answers

About data in database

Q: Why is there no information about the amount of certified fiber in the paper?

EU Ecolabelled paper must contain 70% certified fibers and it is the paper producer who verifies this. Content of certified fibers in a pulp may vary according to what the paper producer has ordered. A single pulp can contain less certified fibers than 70%, but the overall content in the pulp mix in the paper must be at least 70%.

Q: Why is there no information about chemicals used in the production of a pulp?

The purpose of the database is to supply paper producers with data needed for making their ecolabelling applications, which doesn’t require documenting chemicals used by pulp producer.

Q: Why is it not possible to see data for previous years, only current year is visible?

This data is not needed by the applicants. The purpose of the database is to serve the paper producers with the current data for them to use in their calculations.

Q: Is the data in the database always up-to-date?

The pulp producer shall, before the end of April, update their data annually by sending it to the national competent body (CB) who has initially assessed and approved their pulps.

Q: Should integrated pulps be included in the database?

No, not when they are only used for integrated paper production. But if they are also sold as market pulps, they can be registered in the database.

Access to data in database

Q: Why can’t the producers of the absorbent hygiene products log in the database?

Producers of absorbent hygiene products need only know if the fluff pulp is approved or not. The EU Ecolabel competent body assesses and approves all the requirements for fluff pulps. There are no additional requirements for the absorbent hygiene products concerning fluff pulps to be verified, i.e. no data of emissions and energy use.

Q: How do I get username and password to access the database?

Please see the “About” page.